GM Elshan Moradiabadi - Fall Classic

Photo courtesy of the St. Louis Chess Club.

Small Groups . Large Groups . Camps

Learning can happen together.

Group classes can range from a few friends who want to take lessons together to significantly larger audiences.

Regardless of group size, at the beginning of the group class or a chess camp, I  take the time to establish clear expectations for behavior, participation, and the goals of the program. Goal-setting will help to create a positive and productive learning environment.

I use various teaching methods, such as interactive lectures, discussions, group activities, and individual assignments, to keep things exciting and engaging. Such a blend of techniques will help to cater to different learning styles and keep everyone engaged.

As a final touch, I use fostering the growth mindset as a quintessential part of a group class or a camp. To do so, I encourage a growth mindset by emphasizing that everyone can improve and learn new things. I  Praise efforts and persistence rather than innate abilities and emphasize that mistakes are learning opportunities.